The Grain of Wheat Fund

Why the Grain of Wheat of Fund?

This fund flows through the columbarium’s mission to be a visible sign of the great proclamation of our faith in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The establishment of the fund makes tangible the affirmation of Jesus that “unless a wheat grain falls into the earth and dies, it remains only a single grain; but if it dies it yields a rich harvest.” (John 12:24) As the grain of wheat must die to bear fruit, so it is with us. Through our participation in the death and Resurrection of Jesus, our death, along with its pain and suffering, can bring meaning and purpose to the lives of others, and can bear fruit in ways that might not have been possible during our earthly life. Therein lies the power of the Resurrection – that through the darkness of death, new life is made possible.

How Does the Grain of Wheat Fund relate to the deceased in the columbarium?

Each year, a recipient of the Sowing Seeds Award is chosen. The work carried out by the selected recipient will reflect something of those entombed and memorialized in the columbarium, either to the charitable work they passionately embraced in life, or to the circumstances of their death that have given way to new opportunities.The columbarium serves as a perpetual memorialization and final resting place for many people – the unborn whose feet never touched the earth, the infants and youth whose lives ended unexpectedly through tragedy or illness, the adults who suffered through long illnesses and others who lived into their very elderly years. All have left a unique ‘footprint’ and an indelible mark in the lives of their loved ones, and through the sadness and grief that has followed, the most hope-giving aspect of death emerges – that life is changed, not ended, and like the grain of wheat that has died, a rich harvest is now made possible.

Which organizations∕groups qualify for the Sowing Seeds Award?

The recipient of the annual Sowing Seeds Award will be a group, individual or effort whose work or mission is to ‘transform the world by choosing unconditional love and sacrifice’. The award supports charitable works and actions that are associated to the lives of those entombed or memorialized in Living Waters Columbarium.

How will the annual recipient of the Sowing Seeds Award be selected?

Potential recipients can be nominated or apply for the proceeds of the fund. Forms reflecting the required criteria are available on the Living Waters Columbarium website to be completed online. Paper forms are also available at Living Waters Columbarium. All forms will be reviewed by a selection committee.

Growing the Fund

Donations can be made to the Grain of Wheat Fund in memory of the beloved deceased entombed and memorialized in Living Waters Columbarium by completing the form in the attached envelope. Donations can also be made online on the columbarium’s website, ( Individuals and families can request that donations be made to the Grain of Wheat Fund at the time of death, through an obituary notice. Donation receipts will be issued for donations of $50.00 or more.

A Legacy That Begins Now!
Begin your legacy now by reserving your niche or purchasing a memorial in Living Waters Columbarium. A portion of the sales from all niches, memorial inscriptions and family chapels are added to the Grain of Wheat Fund on an ongoing basis. In this way, through your pre-need or memorial purchase, your legacy is already at work!

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