Bereavement Process

From History to Mystery… Encounter Christ in your Grief

Rooted in the Catholic tradition, the bereavement process invites participants to encounter Christ in their grieving through prayer, scripture, reflection and the sharing of faith.  In this caring and supportive environment, participants meet others who are journeying through loss, and together explore the various facets of grief and the challenges associated to engaging in a new reality following the death of a loved one.  Many grievers attempt to grieve alone.  However, grief needs to be shared, and those who grieve need to be reassured that they are not alone in their thoughts, feelings and responses in day-to-day situations.  The support and encouragement of the group enables participants to give voice to their unique journey and take a step toward healing and spiritual growth.

Is This the Right Time?

When should you consider participating in a bereavement process? While it is recommended to wait at least three months before joining a group process, the ‘right’ time varies from one person to the next, and can be beneficial even a number of years after the loss has occurred. Your decision should be based on readiness rather than time, for each person’s grief journey is unique.  Listen to your heart and explore the opportunities before you.

Process Outline

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Understanding Grief

Witnessing the Mystery

Nourished by Love

Clay in the Potter’s Hands

A New Reality Emerges

Obstacles on the Journey

Seeking Christ in Sorrow

Untying the Old to Live in the Present

Finding Joy

Gratitude in the Midst of Dark Times

The Gift of Christ’s Resurrection

Life is Changed, Not Ended

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